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Which Parajet is right for you?

Choosing the right paramotor is important, depending on what you are looking for from your aviation experience. We have developed 3 distinct families – Maverick, Zenith and Falco with varying attributes and capabilities. Explore and find the perfect fit for you below.


Light & Simple

Parajet Maverick Paramotor Range


Ultralight | Pro | R

From £6,086.40

21kg | 46.3lbs

120cm | 47.2in

Parajet Mav MAX Paramotor Range


Pro | R | EFI

From £7,051.20

24kg | 52.9lbs

140cm | 55.1in


Adventure & Travel

Parajet Zenith Paramotor Range


Ultralight | Pro | R

From £6,172.80

25kg | 55.1lbs

125cm | 49.2in




Maverick | Zenith

From £2,830.00

13.5kg | 29.8lbs

174 x 161cm | 68.5 x 63.4in

There's a Parajet for Everyone

Choosing the right model

Ultralight : Atom 80 Engine


The Atom 80; crafted for both novice and veteran paramotor pilots and engineered for pilots up to 85kg. Its lightweight design ensures effortless handling, ideal for extended flights. With optimised power/weight ratio, learning becomes a breeze for beginners, while experienced pilots enjoy enhanced control. The Atom 80’s smooth power curve ensures seamless speed regulation, while its whisper-quiet operation redefines comfort in the air.

50 - 85kg | 110 - 187lbs

10.4kg | 22.9lbs

16 hp at 9500 rpm

52 kg at 9800 rpm

PRO : Moster 185 Plus Engine


The Moster 185 Plus; the epitome of performance and balance, perfect for competition and adventurous flying. With over a decade of refinement by Vittorazi, it boasts unmatched durability and ease of use. Engineered for maximum reliability, its compact design ensures hassle-free transport and travel. Experience exceptional thrust and effortless starts with the “Soft Starter System,” anytime, anywhere. Elevate your flying experience with the Moster 185 Plus.

50 - 120kg | 110 - 264.5lbs

14.3kg | 31.5lbs

25 hp at 7800 rpm

72 kg at 8500 rpm

R : Moster Factory R Engine


The Factory R; where passion meets precision. Embodying the spirit of competition, this innovative engine ignites new levels of excitement. With heightened power and precision components, it delivers unprecedented performance with a remarkable power/weight ratio. Perfect for acro, slalom, and freestyle flying, its high-quality components ensure both elegance and strength. Experience the thrill of competition from the very first flight with the Factory R.

50 - 120kg | 110 - 264.5lbs

13.7kg | 30.2lbs

27 hp at 8800 rpm

93 kg at 9000 rpm

PRO : Moster 185 EFI Engine


The Moster EFI; a groundbreaking innovation from Vittorazi, revolutionising the industry. With patented Electronic Fuel Injection technology, it delivers unparalleled safety, performance, and reliability while maximizing fuel efficiency. The EFI offers pilots smoother power variations, improved throttle response, and tailored power for enhanced manoeuvrability and safety. It’s a proven winner, elevating the paramotor experience to new heights of excellence.

50 - 120kg | 110 - 264.5lbs

16.9kg | 37.2lbs

26 hp at 8600 rpm

92 kg at 8600 rpm

What's In The Box

What's in the Bag - Paramotor with choice of Engine


with choice of engine


E-Prop or Helix
What's in the Bag - Tool Kit with Prop Hub & Spacer

Tool Kit

with prop hub & spacer
What's in the Bag - Parajet T-Shirt

Parajet T-Shirt

Looking Good!
What's in the Bag - Prop Covers & Travel Bag (Maverick Only)

Bag & Prop Covers

Maverick Only

Upgrade Today


ACC161 - Cooling Shroud Kit for Moster 185 Plus Vittorazi Engine

Fits onto the Moster 185 Plus and Moster 185 Plus DS engines to
allow extra cooling to your cylinder head. Strongly recommended
for sportive use, for tandem flights, or for use in locations with high
temperature environments. Ships with shroud fitted.