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Parajet Ambassador - Slyvestre Campe

Sylvestre Campe

Parajet Zenith Moster 185


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Film-maker and expedition leader

First Flight:

I learned paramotoring with Dean Eldridge in 2012

What inspired you to start paramotoring?

I have always believed that the scope and the magnificence of our planet is best captured through aerial cinematography. To that end, I seized every opportunity to film from helicopters, ultralights and high-wing planes without doors. Fate would have it that my brother, Calyxte’s brother-in-law is Gilo Cardozo, the founder of Parajet. Paramotoring was love at first sight for me because of its two-fold nimbleness. Once disassembled, a paramotor can fit into a suitcase, making it an ideal match for my ever roving life style. In the air, it lends itself to subtle maneuvers while offering a wide range of speed and altitude.

Most memorable flight?

Flying over snow-covered Kamchatka, Russia and the Aleutian Island, Alaska, while on an expedition sailing across the Bering Sea.

Most desirable flight location or adventure, not yet experienced?

Sailing, flying and diving along the North West Passage in the Arctic. We will start sailing June 2024.

Most notable accomplishments over the past few years?

Sylvestre has been a tireless explorer for over three decades, filming and collecting stories that brim with adventure, nature and culture. As a cinematographer and producer, he has worked in over 120 countries, journeying from the north pole to the south pole, from lush jungles to inhospitable deserts, from the depths of oceans to the tallest peaks, perpetually in search of the unknown and the astounding.

He is 3 times Emmy Award winner among other film awards. Between the ages of 1 and 18, Sylvestre sailed around the world with his family, circumnavigating the globe numerous times. His father Joachim Campe’s documentaries of his family sailing the seven seas enchanted and inspired audiences in Germany.

In the course of these formative years, Sylvestre perfected his skills in all aspects of filmmaking, navigation and survival in extreme conditions. During the same period, he also developed a deep appreciation for the sublime beauty and the mystical grandeur of our planet. Upon graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Sylvestre completed his first feature film at the age of 22, documenting a successful scaling of Lhotse Shar, one of the most formidable peaks of the Himalayas.

During the decades that followed, Sylvestre has directed, produced and filmed over 50 feature-length films and numerous award-winning series. He is driven by a sense of awe inspired in him by natural wonders and by the manner in which remote cultures interact with nature. This sense of celebration and wonderment communicate to his audiences in intangible yet powerful ways.

What do you most enjoy about paramotoring?

It helps me understand geography and capture it on video. Ever since COVID I have dedicated a lot of time to understanding and documenting the Amazon rainforest. The paramotor is a unique tool to get and document places one does not easily get to. It guarantees me unique aerial footage which a drone mostly does not get due to its limitations. It has greatly contributed to understanding the continental dimension of the Amazon and other eco systems.

How has paramotoring changed your life?

My film-making has changed forever. Wherever I travel to I carry my paramotor with me for unique aerial footage.

Why Parajet?

The ParaJet Zenith is the only paramotor that can be dismantled in order to fit into 2 regular 23kg suitcases.

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