Icarus Trophy & Icarus X Series


Adventure Racing

Pit your wits and airmanship against vast stretches of landscape, weather and the ultimate endurance challenge. Unique aerial racing on which extraordinary feats of human endeavour are played out.

cross-country paramotor racing

Amazing, Epic Adventures

The Icarus Trophy and Icarus X Series are a whole new breed of air race for those pilots looking for an epic airborne experience and a test of their paramotoring prowess. For those ready to take on the challenge of the wildness and the forces of nature. It’s man and paramotor vs the skies. A competition of airmanship, endurance, adventure and orienteering skill. The mother of all aerial gauntlets flying in extraordinary off-grid locations.


Considered the ultimate aerial adventure race, the Icarus Trophy is a pure A-B undertaking for those ready to push their piloting skills to their limit.

Over 3-5 days of high-impact adrenaline racing, pilots – competing individually or in teams – fly their way across 1,000km of breathtaking and remote landscape either following a set course or navigating their own way from checkpoint to checkpoint in a bid to fly faster and get to the finish line first.

An Adventure Race of

Two Divisions

The Icarus Trophy and Icarus X Series offers pilots two levels of competition. The first step on the ladder for competitors is the Adventure Division aimed at pilots wanting to concentrate on the overall experience. Pilots looking for a fast-paced, flat-out sprint from start to finish are more suited to the Race Division.

Adventure Division

For all those pilots wanting to be bought alive by an incomparable human adventure where it’s all about airtime, not how fast you get to the finishline. Afterall, when going to the types of locations these races go to, you’ll want time to take in the breathtaking scenery too.

Adventure Division pilots are able to use transport other than flying and can accept outside support, either from complete strangers under the Pure Adventure sub-division or pre-arranged help from friends and family under the Adventure First sub-division.

Race Division

For super-hardy and experience pilots who grab life with both hands and who want to be the heroes of their own story. This is an edge of your seat aerial sprint to reach the finishline first and take the ultimate accolade.

During the event, Race Division pilots must remain entirely unsupported, only progressing by means of flight or by foot while carrying all their kit. Pilots are then required to launch 200m from their previous landing point. If they can’t, then it’s a long trudge back on foot, in the direction of the startline, until a good launch site is found.

Pilots who compete under the Race Division but then choose to move to the Adventure classification are no less of a legend. This is a great choice if you’re unsure about the challenges and requirements of going full-race.


Building on the legacy of the Icarus Trophy, the Icarus X Series are all-action, short, sharp adventures designed to be accessible, achievable and challenging for all levels of pilot.

These long weekend forays are still tough challenges to complete; routes cross hundreds of miles of extraordinary terrain and pilots are expected to camp overnight wherever they land.

Icarus X races are perfect feeder events for anyone who wants to get into cross-country paramotoring or are serious about taking on its gigantic big brother.

Icarus Race Management

Supported By Parajet

Originally created by The Adventurists in 2014, the Icarus Trophy and Icarus X Series are now run independently and on a not-for-profit basis from 2021 onwards. The goal of the next phase is to increase participation and allow even more paramotor pilots to experience long-distance aerial adventure racing. The Icarus Trophy and Icarus X Series events are organised by an updated experienced and professional race team, and will continue to be supported by Parajet and other related partners.