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All around the globe leading paramotor instructors and training schools are teaching hundreds of students how to fly with Parajet.



At Parajet, these are exciting times. We are expanding and developing our market presence to make it easier and better for aspiring pilots to experience paramotoring and buy our paramotors from knowledgeable, local instructors and training schools, wherever they happen to be in the world.

We want you to join us on this journey. To spearhead an Accredited Parajet School that is passionate about paramotoring and are willing to play a vital role in growing the Parajet brand. Our most successful schools understand the true Parajet Advantage: great product, great service and a sustainable relationship for a prosperous future.



In the paramotor industry, the advantage goes to the instructor or school with the best training experience, the best products, the best people, and the best after-care service. That’s us! That’s you!

The Right Gear

You can be assured you’ve got the best machines for your students. We are committed to consistently develop and deliver innovative products that capture pilot interest, sets industry benchmarks, and bring more students and higher revenues to your business.

Direct Support

Good communication is the cornerstone of success. You will have direct contact with our sales team at Parajet HQ, where the transfer of ideas and experience can improve performance and help you develop initiatives to attract more students and build a more profitable business.

Growth Potential

Leverage our trusted global brand and excellent framework of training and support to provide value-added services, such as pre-sales support, cost-effective spares and a range of accessories. Deliver higher customer satisfaction, improved customer retention and loyalty.

Margins & Incentives

We offers a pricing model that delivers competitive profit margins and strong sales incentives. Through additional product sales, and with the added benefit of our parts and expanding range of accessories, you will always have opportunities to increase profits with every student.



As a newbie, your students are going to experience a couple of hard landings before they get settled into landing on their feet. The Parajet Maverick is the versatile paramotor designed to help mitigate their learning curve, leading to better concentration, faster progression and more time in the air. Compact geometry makes light work of ferrying it around the training field, while the durable titanium airframe with soft, forgiving flex gives room for your students to progress without you worrying about your kit, or your wallet. Fitted with a choice of Vittorazi engines, the Maverick is rapidly becoming the industry’s choice for instructors and training schools around the globe.

“ Mavericks are great confidence building machines for Students. The low weight and exceptional balance means that students stumble less and if they do, they usually recover. We’ve had no major damage and have only broken one prop in many hundreds of student flights ”

Chris Garison
Certified Flight Instructor - Aviator PPG - Florida, USA
Parajet State-of-the-Art Paramotor Test Cell

It's not just about what we make

It's about what we make possible

Ever since the first Parajet was conceived, our passion for flying has been matched only by the belief that the best isn’t good enough. We have constantly pushed the boundries and designed paramotors that sets the benchmark. That have evolved over time to epitomise the desires and needs of pilots. Paramotors with exemplary design credentials and engineering capabilities.

As well as investing in future technology, we continue to invest in people. This has been part of Parajet’s ethos for decades and we continue to invest in our staff, nurturing high-quality talent and growing our team to meet increasing client demand.

Parajet State-of-the-Art Paramotor Test Cell

Proactive Student

Referral Service

Recruiting and retaining new students on a consistent basis is key to your business success. Our ‘learn to fly’ marketing initiative and proactive student referral platform helps supercharge your enquiries and can drive your new student acquisition. Whether they come to us through organic search, through word-of-mouth referrals or via our extensive social media campaigns, our brand reputation helps to build an audience and delivers quality leads direct to your inbox.

At Parajet, We Are

Fully Committed

It’s not only our pilots that deserve our highest levels of service and attention. Just as important is the support and commitment you get as a Parajet Accredited School. You can be confident that the resource you need will always be to hand. By working with Parajet you benefit from a wide range of services and support to help make the task of aquiring and training aspiring pilots easier – and ultimately more profitable.


Our proactive and engaging digital marketing campaigns and initiatives help to stimulate interest in paramotoring and encourages aspiring pilots to train via our accredited school network. Our investment helps bring more qualified, higher quality prospects to your business.

Customer Service

We don’t stop caring about our paramotors once they’re yours. Even after your Parajet has left the factory we’ll always be on hand to help and go that extra mile to ensure you are able to continue to train your students and disruption to your business is kept to an absolute minimum.

Warranty Cover

It’s rare but sometimes things go wrong. Your Parajet paramotor comes with our hassle-free manufacturer’s warranty. So, should that day occur, we'll be straight on the case and have replacement parts out to you. Quick and easy. After your warranty has ended, we’ll still be here to help.

Spare Parts

By choosing Parajet you made a conscious decision to choose the best quality, giving you peace of mind that your paramotor is always operating at its full potential. Our stock of spare parts makes it faster and easier for you to get your students back in the air as soon possible.

The Power Of



Parajet is committed to remaining at the forefront of the paramotoring industry; through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and the ongoing functional needs of pilots we create thrilling and safe paramotors that evoke desire, excitement and the ultimate sensation of freedom and adventure.

We want to work with the right people. Those who share our passion. People that live and breathe paramotoring and want to get more people up in the air and share in the fun we all experience on a weekly basis. With so many opportunities, so much support and a whole host of benefits, being an Accredited Parajet Instructor or Training School is the perfect way to take control and progress to the next level.

Register Your Interest

So many opportunities. So much support. A whole host of benefits. The time to act is now… Once you have registered your interest using the form above, we will arrange a phone call between you and our sales team. They will answer any of your questions and will outline and guide you through the rest of the application process.