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Parajet Ambassador - Rob Condella

Rob Condella

Parajet Mav MAX / 20m BGD Luna2


Scranton, Pennsylvania


Pharmaceutical Engineer

First Flight:

January, 2020

What inspired you to start paramotoring?

I was inspired to start paramotoring after going skydiving. Overall, I did not enjoy going for my first tandem jump, but what I did enjoy was the time spent under the canopy. The canopy felt so stable and allowed for me to look around while I controlled the toggles making left and right turns. A few years later, I learn about paramotors, I figured I could get the same experience without having to deal with riding in an airplane and jumping out.

Most memorable flight?

My favorite flight was in Thorsmork Valley, Iceland, on a day with buttery calm conditions. After launching, I followed this glacial melt river to a beautiful waterfall (maybe 200 feet high) and flew over it a few times, pulling big diving turns off the edge of it. From there, I climbed past the cliffs and along the glacier straight to the top. There were broken clouds at the summit, and I could see everything before me, from the crevasses in the glacier to the zebra stripping in the lava rocks and the landscape beyond. I flew to the backside to descend, and things brightened up as I dropped into the canyons below. They were filled with hidden waterfalls that you could only see from that vantage point, and the colors were mesmerizing: the whitewater from the rivers, the white of the snow, the black lava rock, and patches of this super vibrant green moss. It was a euphoric flight that just hasn’t been topped.

Most desirable flight location or adventure, not yet experienced?

There are so many places to explore that it’s hard to name just one. I’d love to explore areas of the country that are very remote with unique natural features. I have been dreaming of doing an African Sky Safari or Island hoping in the Philippines.

Most notable accomplishments over the past few years?


  • Egypt Gate 5 flying over the pyramids of Giza, Luxor, Red Sea, Fayoum Oasis, Black Desert and White Desert.
  • 5 month VanLife roadtrip through the Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico capturing photos of marine life.
  • Island hoping and cloud surfing over the blue Caribbean waters of Colombia
  • 2 month roadtrip around Iceland exploring the whole island.
  • Coastal Cruising my way along the beaches of El Salvador


  • Iceland Paramotor camping adventure
  • Multiple months roadtrip through the America west.
  • Paramotor / paragliding adventure through England, France, and Morocco


  • Multiple month long roadtrip through the Unites States


  • First out west roadtrip to Moab, UT

What do you most enjoy about paramotoring?

I enjoy traveling with my paramotor and exploring new locations in the United States and all around the world. Paramotoring gives you the freedom to explore areas that are sometimes near impossible to see by car or on foot. The ability to transport your paramotor in your vehicle and then set it up in just minutes before taking flight is an awesome freedom to have. Flying while being exposed to the elements is one of the best feelings.

How has paramotoring changed your life?

Paramotoring has given me the ability to see so many beautiful views from a truly unique perspective. Flying has also opened up so many new friends with other pilots throughout the whole world.

Why Parajet?

I have been flying Parajet since the beginning of my paramotoring career. I appreciate the quality of the paramotors along with their commitment to improving the sport and pushing it forward. For my style of flying, parajet meets all my requirements and has been my go to paramotor for all my adventures around the world.

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