You've Found Your Perfect Parajet

Introducing The

Maverick Sport


A harness that strikes the perfect balance between safety and sublime comfort.

Unique torque compensation and weight-shift geometry for poise, precision and agility.

The reliable and spirited performance of the Moster 185 Plus MY’20 provides a progressive throttle response and an abundance of thrust.

The optional extended range 17 litre fuel tank, weighing a mere extra 600g.

Like every Parajet, it’s backed by our great customer service and 12 month limited warranty.


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It's Right For You Because...

You have been clocking up the hours and now your confidence is building. Turns are getting tighter and you’ve begun to make excursions away from the flying field, you may even be contemplating taking up the challenge of your first Icarus X-Series adventure. The Maverick Sport’s finely honed geometry provides ride comfort and handling precision that’s perfectly optimised to take you to the most beautiful and remote destinations.

The Maverick Sport’s harness provides supreme comfort for a more immersive experience and synergistic relationship with your glider. Once you begin to climb out, the Maverick Sport reveals a key strength – Its straight line stability. Unique torque compensation geometry provides poise and precision. Enjoy Maverick’s relaxed weight-shift piloting with inputs directly and precisely answered – composed and inspiring confidence.

The legendary Moster 185 Plus MY’20 engine outputs 75 kilos of smooth and responsive power.

And you’ll have an engine suitable for progression to smaller, faster wings. Technical development and constant innovation provide improved reliability, reduced fuel consumption and a more seductive exhaust note. The optional extended range 17 litre fuel tank adds only 600 grams of weight whilst substantially increasing your range.

From discovering new remote regions to an evening of vol-bivouac under the stars, the Maverick Sport is powered by the spirit of adventure.

Setup in minutes, it's that simple

The Tech You Get...

Our lightest titanium paramotor airframe with plug-and-play cage system for quick assembly; Snapfit, snag-free Dyneema netting system in a choice of colours; Vittorazi Moster Plus My’20 engine fitted with a carbon cooling shroud that delivers increased power, greater reliability and improved fuel economy; Choice of throttle options; 1.25m e-Prop propeller capable of producing 75kg of thrust; Swan-neck articulated harness arms for high levels of comfort and safety; Mid-low hangpoint system for improved weight-shift and glider feedback; High-comfort harness, suitable for both novice and experienced pilots; 10 litre standard fuel tank or optional 17 litre extended range tank; Maverick bag and prop covers providing storage and protection for your Maverick Sport.