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Parajet Test Pilot - Kester Haynes

Kester Haynes

Parajet Zenith / Ozone Sirocco 3


Dorset, UK



First Flight:

Sometime in 2007

What inspired you to start paramotoring?

An interest in aerial photography and a wanderlust for adventure travel

Most memorable flight?

Too many! But to answer the question it’s a perfect mix of ingredients that make a flight memorable. Amazing landscapes, smooth skies, sense of exploration, good friends to share the journey and an element of challenge.

Most desirable flight location or adventure, not yet experienced?

Flying over the Wildebeast migration to mention one!

Most notable accomplishments over the past few years?

  • 2008 Paramotor expedition India,Bangalore across the Western Ghats to Northern Goa
  • 2009 SIV with Jocky Sanderson, Lake Annecy
  • 2010 Paragliding in Morocco
  • 2011 SIV/Acro/XC in Pokhara Nepal
  • 2012 Paragliding tour in the Pyrenees, French alps, Italian alps, Slovenia, Bavaria and Austria.
  • 2013 Parajet Skycar testing in Utah USA and Oman training the Royal Oman Police
  • 2014 Parajet flying display in Ecuador, Brazil and the first-ever promotor display at Farnborough air show. Flying for Heroes expedition 4 weeks flying across Kenya with paratrikes and 8 wounded war veterans. Tandem pilot for Bear Grylls production Yorkshire and Scotland
  • 2015 Norway adventure tourism tandem pilot
  • 2016 Parajet display India, Okavango delta circumnavigation, Botswana. Kuala Lumpur Redbull production Red Pole paramotor expedition, Australia. Philippines and Cambodia Canal Off production
  • 2017 France, Italy, Sicily and Oman Canal Off production. Icarus Trophy USA, Speedflying in the French Alps. Botswana balloon stunt.
  • 2018 Hawaii and Namibia Canal Off production, SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe Icarus Trophy. Brazil Icarus trophy recce and filming at Lencois Maranhenses
  • 2019 Maldives paramotor expedition 1500 km over the ocean. Namibia Aerial Safari, Motorcycle rally Balkans, 4×4 rally Namibia
  • 2021 Electric paramotor expedition Saudi Arabia – engineer and Trike pilot. Maldives – flying Father Christmas at the four seasons resort. Scotland – Tandem safaris. Parajet team- Sea crossing Lands End to the Scilly isles.
  • 2022 Norway – Land Sea and Air expedition, Flying in the midnight sun and tandem along the ocean road. Qualified as a Fixed wing pilot.
  • 2023 Jordan – Pioneer trip with the Royal Jordanian gliding club, flying in Wadi Rum and Petra with the Ozone pilot team.

What do you most enjoy about paramotoring?

Instant fun

How has paramotoring changed your life?

Massively, it’s my work and play.

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