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Parajet Ambassador - Daniel Rodrigues

Daniel Rodrigues

Parajet Zenith Moster 185


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Paramotor instructor & expedition guide

First Flight:

Started flying in 2013

What inspired you to start paramotoring?

The freedom, adventure and so many possibilities offered by paramotoring.

Most memorable flight?

I have so many that it would be very difficult to choose, despite having flown in so many incredible and unique places in the world, the Christ the Redeemer flight is very special.

Most desirable flight location or adventure, not yet experienced?

One that is on my bucket list are the Chinese Wall and Mont Blanc.

Most notable accomplishments over the past few years?

Over the years I’ve had many paramotor adventures, many large and incredible expeditions, here’s a list.

– Egypt
– UK
– Namibia, Africa
– Maldives
– Jordan

The main regions of Brazil, incredible places.

What do you most enjoy about paramotoring?

I like the simplicity and ease of transporting and flying everywhere, feeling freedom and adventure, exploring and looking for something extraordinary.

How has paramotoring changed your life?

It totally changed my life, I’m passionate about flying and I need it to live as much as I need air or food.

Why Parajet?

Because it’s the best, because it changed the game, because it’s part of me.

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