Parajet are hugely pleased to see the paramotor industry continue to thrive and evolve with new, exciting and innovative products being released each year as this very much echoes our core values for product innovation and improvement. Regrettably, as time passes and as a result of the continuous development and improvement within the industry and its key suppliers, it eventually becomes necessary to discontinue a historical product line and the various components to service them. We are extremely proud of our values and commitment to servicing our customers to the bitter end, and parts are only finally made obsolete when their availability becomes so limited that it no longer matches our ethos for providing the very best product and customer support we can.

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As a result of this inevitable evolution we regret to inform owners of the historic models DK Whisper, Parajet Volution (Micro, Compact, Macro), Volution 2 and Cyclone that we are no longer able to source, produce and supply spare or replacement parts. In some cases servicing may be available on a case by case basis but please contact our service department in advance for confirmation.

In true Parajet fashion and always with a strong desire to support our customers of all product eras, we have compiled a list of independent suppliers who may possibly stock a limited number of generic off the shelf replacement parts. We sincerely hope this may help and give you a head start in the process of searching for available parts and please find this list below:

On behalf of the Parajet team, we appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping us to help you minimise the impactof these product discontinuations on your flying.

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