Whether you’re looking for a guided high-impact adrenaline trip or a long-distance endurance expedition, there’s a Parajet Adventure out there waiting for you.

Be Inspired by the most adventurous

Flights On The Planet

Life experiences become part of who we are. They are woven into the fabric of our being, shape our identity, and are not replaceable or upgradeable. As pilots, we know there’s no better feeling than getting airborne and seeing the ground spread out below our feet… Now, take that feeling and dump it half way across the world, hurtling across varied terrain towards whatever the horizon has in store and you’ve got yourself the ultimate paramotoring experience.
Parajet Paramotor Expedition - Antarctica
Parajet Paramotor Expedition - Antarctica

Innovation Through Adventure

It's Part Of Our DNA

From isolated jungles in the Guiana highlands to the harsh ice plateau of Antarctica and record-beating heights above Mt Everest, Parajet engineering and technology has had to withstand some of the most rigorous and hostile environments known to man.

Our passion for adventure has always been at the heart of our business and has allowed us to continually push and stay at the forefront of paramotor design. Fun, innovation and challenging convention are in our DNA.



Parajet Adventures - Spain 2020


We experienced the best of the beautiful Spanish countryside over an epic weekend of unlimited flying with  YouTube legend Tucker Gott.

Scilly adventure

Flying in the morning, catching waves all afternoon – we hop across to the Isle of Scilly to sample the simple pleasures of island life. All in a days work at Parajet.

Island Hoppers

We discover a world of pristine turquoise waters, white sand beaches and exotic wildlife as we take on the atolls and islands of the Maldives
Parajet Adventures - Pantanal Brazil 2018

Flying Rivers

We head into the heart of South America and fly the biggest tropical inland wetland in the world to scout for Parrots, Jaguars and Caiman in their natural habitat.
“Over the years, my Parajet has given me many breathtaking and inspiring experiences that have enriched my life. Nothing beats that sense of freedom and calm when flying amongst the clouds and taking in the vast landscape below. In contrast, my innate desire to defy convention and to push the boundaries of human endeavour has taken me on adventures to various different countries and continents; to vastly different types of climate and to extreme altitudes. Paramotoring has given me the chance to explore some of the world’s most remote regions. Now it’s your turn…”

We're On A Mission in 2023

Appetite For Adventure

Many paramotor pilots enter our sport wanting to do something adventurous but then never do. Whatever the reason – and they all seem plausible when you need one – there are always excuses.

Parajet are on a mission to make the world feel less big and more accessible. To help those adventure seeking pilots realise that life is for living and to just get out there and discover epic experiences, explore new places, meet new pilots and really challenge their flying skills. To help them reconnect with the sport they love and to truly make the sky their playground again.

Parajet Paramotor Expedition - Angel Falls
Parajet Paramotor Expedition - Angel Falls

Take Your Pick From Three

Styles Of Adventure

We want pilots to succeed in the expeditions, adventures, and trips we create. Therefore, each style of trip focuses on the pilot’s skill requirement, often dictated by its overall length, daily distances covered, and the extremities of the environment we are adventuring within.


Trailblazing epic expeditions venturing over routes where very few have flown before,  and featuring some of the most extraordinary off-grid locations.


Exploratory forays, typically flying together as a small group with routes and ground support taken care of, making wilderness flights over epic picturesque terrain.

Guided Trips

Shorter, more accessible excursions across iconic locations accompanied by an experienced cross-country team acting in guidance and ground support roles.

Parajet Adventures - Wings of MARANHÃO



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We are already looking forward to 2023 and hoping this will be the year that we can invite you on some of our epic Parajet paramotoring adventures. Locations, dates, and details are coming soon. The best way to stay in the loop with news and information, is to sign up…

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