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Easily dismantled with compact and ultra-portable components optimised for worldwide travel.

Unique torque compensation and weight-shift geometry works to ensure poise, precision and agile handling.

The reliable and spirited performance of the Moster 185 Plus MY’20 provides a progressive throttle response and an abundance of thrust.

Rapid and safe refuelling via the quick-release 12ltr fuel tank deliver practicality out in the field.

Like every Parajet, it’s backed by our great customer service and 12 month limited warranty.


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It's Right For You Because...

The beautifully precision engineered and practical solid aluminium components convey the exquisite craftsmanship and provide immense rigidity and stiffness. The centre of gravity close to the body intimately engages you with the Zenith airframe. The mid-low articulated hangpoints provide agile and coordinated handling inspiring confidence. The Zenith dismantles into ultraportable parts that can be packed into a large suitcase for planes, trains or the boot of your car. A range of striking anodized colours gives an array of personalisation options.

The Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY’20 Dual Start is renowned for smooth power that’s predictable and easy-to-control with 78 kilos of grunt for a quick climb rate. Technical development and innovation provides improved reliability, reduced fuel consumption and a more seductive exhaust note. When you fly a paramotor this dependable you’ll spend more time enjoying the outright refinement of the experience.

For pilots looking for XC or contemplating taking up the challenge of your first Icarus X-Series adventure, Zenith provides ride comfort and handling precision that’s perfect to take you to remote destinations. The harness provides supreme comfort and synergistic relationship with your glider. Park the brakes and enjoy Zenith’s relaxed and responsive weight-shift. The quick-release fuel tank with dry-break couplings provides spill-free disconnect and complete removal of the tank for gas station refills during long haul flights.

Zenith is completely pilot-centric and performance oriented with the centre of gravity close to your body, maintaining precise control even at the limits. Changes in direction via weight-shift become fluid, predictable and immediate. True to the spirit of Parajet, Zenith is incredibly versatile with a playfulness that’s fun to fly.

Easy to pack, carry & Store

The Tech You Get...

Our compact paramotor airframe with plug-and-play cage system for easy fit into a large suitcase and optimised for worldwide travel; Revolutionary cage and net system that avoids any snagging hazards during launch; A vast array of anodized colour options for a sleek and personalised look; Vittorazi Moster Plus My’20 Dual Start engine that delivers increased power, greater reliability and improved fuel economy; Choice of throttle options; 1.30m carbon propeller capable of producing 78kg of thrust; Swan-neck articulated pivot arms for high levels of comfort and safety; Mid-low hangpoint system for improved weight-shift and glider feedback. High-comfort harness; Quickrelease removable 12ltr fuel tank for rapid, practical and safe refuelling.

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