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Maverick Sport


Additional electric starter adds convenience and ensures safe and easy starting.

Robust and durable for those occasional not-so-perfect butt-landings.

The reliable and spirited performance of the Moster 185 Plus MY’20 provides a progressive throttle response and an abundance of thrust.

A fully versatile machine, capable of everything from a short rip-around to a full day of cross country exploration.

Like every Parajet, it’s backed by our great customer service and 12 month limited warranty.


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It's Right For You Because...

The Parajet Maverick Sport DS is the best choice in our line-up for new pilots wanting a seriously proficient and progressive paramotor to help mitigate the learning curve. The Maverick Sport is designed to make light work of ferrying it around the training field, while the durable titanium airframe with soft, forgiving flex soaks up those not-so-perfect landings leaving you to progress your flying without worrying about your paramotor – or your wallet.

The Moster has earned its reputation as a powerful, stable and highly versatile engine – the dualstart Moster adds the convenience of an additional electric starter whilst adding a little extra weight. The Moster 185 Plus MY’20 DS outputs 75 kilos of smooth and responsive power. Technical development and constant innovation provide improved reliability, reduced fuel consumption and a more seductive exhaust note.

As your flying progresses you’ll realise how capable the Maverick Sport really is. Fully adept at hedgehopping, foot dragging, wing-overs and cross country excursions. For pilots who don’t settle for one style, the Maverick Sport allows you to change it up for the thrill of adventure and the camaraderie of flying with friends. With the Maverick Sport your flying will never get boring.

Setup in minutes, it's that simple

The Tech You Get...

Our lightest titanium paramotor airframe with plug-and-play cage system for quick assembly; Snapfit, snag-free Dyneema netting system in a choice of colours; Vittorazi Moster Plus My’20 Dual Start engine fitted with a carbon cooling shroud that delivers increased power, greater reliability and improved fuel economy; Choice of throttle options; 1.25m e-prop propeller capable of producing 75kg of thrust; Swan-neck articulated harness arms for high levels of comfort and safety; Mid-low hangpoint system for improved weight-shift and glider feedback; High-comfort harness, suitable for both novice and experienced pilots; 10 litre standard fuel tank or optional 17 litre extended range tank; Maverick bag and prop covers providing storage and protection for your Maverick Sport.

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