Dedicated design from the ground up, specifically for paramotoring. The unique pairing of the Parajet Mav Max chassis and the Vittorazi Moster 185 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine delivers unrivalled performance and convenience for pilots.

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Parajet     x    Vittorazi

The optimal performance package

The Parajet Maverick family has long been optimised for use with Vittorazi engines, and continuing this theme, the performance and efficiency focused development of the Mav Max chassis makes it the perfect match for the Moster EFI.

The large 16.5L fuel tank, coupled with the Moster EFI’s 30% increased fuel efficiency, means the range capabilities of the Mav Max EFI are huge (or less take-off weight for shorter flights).

With big thrust comes more strength. The newly designed chassis crossbar enables running a larger 1.4m prop more safely.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

The self-optimising engine

EFI is here, and with it easier maintenance and enhanced reliability. No more self-tuned carburettors, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) constantly learns from and adapts to its surroundings, self-optimising for ultimate flight efficiency.

Don’t be fooled by the similar looks; the enhanced engine components, sensor network and ECU takes proven technology and boosts reliability, economy and user convenience.

Total convenience, enhanced safety

The perfect pre-flight procedure; single button electronic start you can rely on, electronically self-primed fuelling and a fast warm-up ECU tune to protect your engine.

The EFI engine also has built-in safe start system. This works via a single start-stop button with double click and hold functions combined with an engine cut out if 3500 rpm is exceeded within 4 seconds of start-up.

Built to last

Easy start-ups mean less strained starter motors and batteries, whilst EFI reduces thermal stress, improves lubrication and reduces vibration, protecting internal components. ​

The EFI engine is designed to self-preserve, meaning an increased life-span of components. The result is fewer services and maintenance check-ups.​

Constant performance

The ECU takes care of the tuning, so you don’t have to. The main benefits include reduced pre-flight preparation and automated in-flight adjustments – ensuring your engine is running the best it can in any environment and altitude.

Information at your fingertips

Live fuel consumption, remaining flight time estimates and engine warnings through the all new digital dashboard liberates you from stressful calculations to focus on the flight.

Safety Warnings


Engine Warnings

Remaining Flight Time

Fuel Consumption

Battery Level

Battery Level


Technology = Performance

Sensors receive data from engine and surrounding environment.​

Brushless electric fuel pump self-primes removing air from lines.​

Fuel and air direct injected in electronically optimised ratios.​

ECU quickly analyses data and adjusts engine tuning.

A valve opens to supply system once lines are clear of air bubbles. ​​

Live data is displayed in flight through pilot dashboard. ​

The science

Most new petrol and diesel cars are opting for reliable technology and electric fuel injection has long been trusted in the automotive world. How fuel and air mix and enter the combustion chamber differs from a standard paramotor engine:

  • A standard Paramotor engine uses a carburettor to mechanically define a set fuel/air mix (two adjustments for low and high RPM). These adjustments require user expertise and remain set in flight.
  • An EFI engine uses a pressurised fuelling system and injector to directly inject vapourised fuel to mix with air in the combustion chamber. Throughout the rev range, through changing temperature, weather and altitude, the ECU learns and optimises the fuel air mix to suit the conditions.

What does it mean? Linear power delivery through the rev range, better performance in all conditions at all altitudes and no requirement for a choke on start up.

No unnecessary weight

The new reliable electronic start system has left the pull start redundant; unnecessary weight has been cut from the Mav Max EFI wherever possible to be the lightest it can be.

Fly lighter, fly further

Outstandingly improved efficiency. Up to 30% decreased fuel consumption means less take-off weight when playing around, or greatly extended range on big missions.

Battery Icon  EFI battery flight time of up to 7 hours.

* Please note fuel tank is not quick-release on EFI versions.

Engineered for pro’s,
better for everyone

The EFI engine is designed for experienced pilots in mind. However, all pilots will benefit from the convenience and dependability of the machine.

Exclusively available in our most performance and efficiency focused chassis, the Mav Max EFI is the natural progression for those seeking an all-round superior flight experience. With a 1.4m prop this machine is ideal for pilots taller than 5’6 and weight over 90kg.

Total peace of mind

Parajet warranty covers the paramotor for one year, Vittorazi engine warranty will remain valid for 2 years or 150hrs flight time (whichever comes first).


Parajet Blue

Custom Colours
Obsidian Black / Ruby Red / Samba Green / Atomic Orange / Electric Blue

Please Note : Custom colours and bespoke options can take up to an additional four weeks for your machine to be individually tailored and delivered to you. Custom colours and bespoke options may incur additional costs.


1.485 x 1.483 x 0.36
26.9 KG / 59.3 LBS

XL Tank

16.5 Litres
4.36 US Gal


1.4m 2 Blade Helix



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