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Parajet Ambassador - Bethany Walker

Bethany Walker

Parajet Maverick Atom 80


Lake Wales, Florida



First Flight:

June 6, 2022

What inspired you to start paramotoring?

A friend of mine would send me video selfies of himself paramotoring all the time. He encouraged me to go get a tandem. I called around to some different places in Florida and connected with Aviator Paramotor. Bob Farewell gave me my first tandem flight.

Most memorable flight?

Great Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Most desirable flight location or adventure, not yet experienced?

My goal is to Fly Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and also the Egyptian pyramids.

Most notable accomplishments over the past few years?

I have always had a desire for adventure, whether it was summiting the state high points like Mt. Borah in Idaho, or traveling and tasting different foods from different parts of the world (of which Ethiopian food is one of my favorites). My Parajet paramotor has allowed me to take my explorations to new heights. My boyfriend and I travel around the United States in an ambulance converted to camper with our dog Bella, meeting and flying with other pilots.

One of my favorite spots to fly is Salt Lake City, Utah. The paramotoring community is strong there, and the landscape of the mountains offers many unique places and perspectives to explore. A close second would be Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. This is where I embarked on my first cross country flight and spot landed on an uphill slope for the first time.

Fly-in’s such as the Bad Apples Fly-in and Aurora PPG Fly-in have enriched my life with the chance to meet other female pilots who share this same passion. There is a strong sense of support and community among the women that fly, and I strongly encourage women everywhere to invest in this sport and join our community of female paramotor pilots.

Before I learned to paramotor, I knew nothing about motors, and I was worried that this was something for the guys, that I might not be able to do it. My first flight was one of the most special experiences in my life, where I felt like I finally accomplished my life long dream of flying. Women are amazing at this sport, and some of the most skilled and meticulous paramotor pilots I know are women. Paramotoring has given me an outlet and arena for endless and fulfilling progression. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to talk to your local Parajet schools and join me on this exciting adventure!

What do you most enjoy about paramotoring?

I love the ability to see the world from the perspective of paramotoring- everything is magical. I love flying with friends and making new paramotoring friends.

How has paramotoring changed your life?

Paramotoring has completely changed my life. I have always loved hiking and exploring different places and paramotoring has given me the unique ability to see these places from a unique perspective.

Why Parajet?

I love how comfortable the Parajet harness is and the attractive look.

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