• Innovative Features

    The little details make the biggest difference

    When you look around a Parajet paramotor you’ll see the difference. We strive for perfection in everything we do, without compromise. So when you buy a Parajet paramotor you know you’re flying an aircraft engineered by the best in the business.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Distinguishable through its individuality

    Falco turns heads, there is no denying it. The aggressive wide wheelbase and compact aerodynamic form were designed using the latest computer technology, yet the Falco is realised by something that no machine can contest: the eyes, hands and hearts of our fabrication engineers.

    Meticulously handcrafted using 6082 Aircraft Alloy and T-45 Steel Tubing, Falco is expressively built to stimulate the soul – both on the ground, and in the air…


  • Flying Tandem or solo?

    Safety meets efficiency the Falco way

    Falco’s easy hang point system is optimised for strength and efficiency saving you time and worry. The front hang points have been designed for tandem flight and the rear for solo. Pilots can swap from one to the other in a matter of minutes. High-performance webbing, load tested to 20 kN (kiloNewton) connects the wing hang point directly to the pilot and passenger harness.

    Flying into the sky as a passenger, you can expect a comfortable seat with 180° unobstructed views… so don’t forget the camera. Tandem licensing and restrictions vary throughout the world, so it’s important to know your specific circumstances before taking flight.


  • Falco Custom Cage

    Everything is now possible

    For Falco the legendary V3 Cage gets extended with a handy foldable Trike-Ring for extra safety and potential crosswind launches. The foldable Trike-Ring not only protects the cage, it also keeps all lines safely clear of the Prop using integrated Line Stays.

    The Volution 3’s chassis attaches to Falco quickly and easily without the need for tools. Stepping back you’ll notice the assistive geometry that directs thrust over your wing during setup. Launching Falco will come naturally because we kept the familiarity of footlaunch, using the (A) Risers for more control – There is no need to learn a new technique.

  • Multi-terrain comfort

    Launch and land with a smile

    The cantilever rear axles are removable for transportation and designed to give you just the right amount of suspension, while large pneumatic tyres handle rough terrain or soft sand with ease. Falco wheels are fitted with high quality sealed bearings for efficiency and longevity.

    A wide wheel base gives Falco a low centre of gravity and the aggressive camber effectively assists stability when landing.

  • Smart Forks, Strong Brakes

    Helping you stay on course

    Through geometry and weight distribution, Falco’s forks eliminate excessive speed wobble and reduce over-sensitive steering. The design creates the possibility for foot-free control because the front wheel inherently wants to self-center, which for disabled pilots has been a fantastic benefit.

    Stopping or aborting a launch is easy with a powerful disc brake up front. Thoughtful cable routing and a non slip foot pedal will help you whilst out in the field.

  • Falco License requirements

    Country by country

    We accept that Paratrike licensing laws are vastly different from country to country and it’s our responsibility to understand and follow our specific regulations. In the UK, to fly Falco you need a National Private Pilots License (NPPL). With a NPPL a pilot can fly in the SSDR category as long as the wing is displaying a registration number issued by the BMAA. It is currently not possible to fly Falco Tandem in the UK, however – many countries around the world do not apply the same restriction.

    PP = (Powered Parachute).
    SSDR = (Single Seat Deregulated).
    BMAA = (British Microlite Aircraft Association)

If you would like to purchase right away, please email shop@parajet.com or call 360-710-0826.

The Falco

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Falco turns heads, there is no denying it. The aggressive wide wheelbase and compact aerodynamic form were designed using the latest computer technology, yet the Falco is realised by something that no machine can contest: the eyes, hands and hearts of our fabrication engineers.

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Fly into your dreams


For us, the most exhilarating place to be is in the sky. And while this may be where others only dream, for us, it is an everyday adventure. So let’s get going. In Falco, the new Paratrike from Parajet.


For this journey our engineers went back to the drawing board, asking a few key questions – “What do our pilots really need from a Paratrike?” and “How can we broaden the design to offer our pilots more choice?”

The answer was to design a compact Paratrike that was able to work in harmony with one of our existing Paramotors. Utilising our ever popular V3 as a foundation, the Falco was realised.

  • Outstanding Cage Safety

  • Powerful Non Slip Braking

  • Multi-Terrain Comfort

  • Effective Smart Forks

Parajet Paramotor Harness Not just a harness, but the focal point of your whole experience

The Parajet paramotor harness has been designed around the pilot, placing you at the centre of your own flying experience. It makes flying a Parajet a very special place to be. Lightweight materials and slender buckles amplify a simple uncluttered design, with great attention to detail and no compromise in safety.

The incredibly high comfort level allows your paramotor to feel like an extension of your body, allowing your full focus to be on the intuitive and supremely balanced handling; no more distracting aches and pains – just hours of fun doing what you love!

A matter of balance

The Parajet paramotor harness system delivers ergonomic excellence and enhanced comfort at the time when you need it most. The rucksack-style configuration combined with the adjustable, padded air-mesh shoulder straps helps position and secure the paramtor closer to your body and its centre of gravity allowing the load to be distributed evenly across the back for optimal balance, ideal weight distribution and overall stability. The better your balance the less your muscles have to compensate, resulting in reduced muscle tension, strain and fatigue during your launch.

Feels unique to me

The Parajet paramotor harness is such a versatile and configurable harness that you will feel that it has been specifically designed for you. It is capable of adapting itself to every pilot and flying style which makes it ideal for those taking their first flights, to the needs of the most experienced pilots. High leg straps offer greater adjustment which helps you relieve the perplexities of getting into the seated position. You're guaranteed a quick, safe and complete entry into and out of your seat so that you can concentrate on flying with no compromise in comfort or safety.

Safety is on your side

The Parajet paramotor harness boasts ample storage with convenient Stash Pockets ensuring there's a place to keep your essential items readily to hand; ideal for storing your multi-tool, phone, wallet, keys and accessories. For those wishing to mount a reserve parachute, the harness allows the attachment of an integrated side-mounted reserve container offering an alternative to the unwieldy front mounted chute ensuring maximum comfort, manoeuvrability and safety during take-off, flight and landing.

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