Become a fully qualified Paramotor pilot

Paramotor Training in two weeks or less, for the cost of a holiday

Paramotoring is the most accessible and affordable form of powered flight. And with proper training at one of our flight schools, it’s also the fastest to learn and one of the very safest.

Every new flight on a Paramotor is an adventure waiting to be experienced. Imagine unpacking your personal aircraft from your car, then exploring an unseen picture of the world that the majority never get to see.

Learn to fly a paramotor at one of our flight schools and make the sky your playground.


The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few realise just how accessible this amazing form of flight is. Follow your dreams and fill out the form below – we’ll then connect you with some of the best Paramotor instructors in the world.  +44 (0)1747 830 575

Where can I fly?

Classed as a foot-launched aircraft, Paramotoring is the unlicensed thrill that brings you the dream of personal flight. And you can fly in a lot more places than you’d think. With the majority of airspace open to free-flight aircraft and a range of approx. 150 miles on a single tank of fuel, paramotoring offers a massive amount of freedom and fun.

How much does it cost?

Paramotoring is the most affordable form of powered flight but it isn’t something you should do on a shoestring budget. Paramotor training costs vary depending on the school, syllabus and location. At the affordable end of the scale expect to pay around £1000, with top level training priced at £2500+. For kit, expect to pay £8-10,000. After that, it’s just the cost for a tank of fuel.

Is it easy to learn?

Proper training is crucial to successfully and safely enjoy your flying. A moderate level of fitness will help but a positive and resilient mindset is the real key. Along with learning the physical skills required, in-depth training will also give you sound knowledge of the rules, regulations, physics & complexities of the sport. You’ll become a safe and confident pilot in around 10-12 days of training.

Where can I train?

Parajet has established strong training partnerships with some of the very best instructors and paramotor schools around the globe. At a Parajet Accredited Flight School you can expect the same level of professionalism, service and attention to quality and safety you’d expect from Parajet. It’s a great opportunity to test out our gear, so when it’s time to part with your cash it’ll be based on your personal experience.