Introducing John Erickson

Head of Operations for the Parajet USA Service Network


Excited for the future of our sport, John has some mighty ideas about indoor training which could be one way around the hit-or-miss weather throughout the United States. During his last visit to the UK we sat him down for a quick back story.

John has been twisting wrenches since he was three years old and he spent a good deal of his youth as a professionally trained auto mechanic. He then went on to become a residential and commercial construction specialist, and after that he moved into mechanical engineering – specialising in engine diagnostics.

John grew up in Seattle and his passion for aviation goes back as far as he can remember – having his father work up the road for Boeing always helped!

Back in the day when Ultralights were the popular thing, John stumbled across paramotoring by chance at an outdoor show. Inspired, he went home and quickly watched all of the early online videos. He was initiated into the sport properly by Doug and Denise at Aerial Paragliding – to say he was hooked is understatement.

What then followed was a period of research looking for better kit, and during this time he stumbled across the UK Parajet website. The site was heavily focused on engineering and technology and that really chimed with John.

Gilo Cardozo was making and selling the very first Parajet Volution machines – the Compact, Micro and Macro.

John began talking with Gilo and a solid relationship with Parajet started to form and in 2009 he became part of the family, spearheading Parajet USA.

It’s safe to say John has always been a Gear Head and he can usually diagnose a customer problem over the phone without needing to see the machine. He keeps a vast stock of Parajet products and pretty much any Polini spare you can imagine. If you need spares and live in the States, you can email John at

He told us that he strongly believes the highest level of service is the only way to work – the Parajet way. Trouble shooting and making quick repairs to minimise downtime is Johns style. Why replace the whole thing if all you need is that small part? It is this mentality that keeps his customers happy and in the air for longer.

Before departing we asked John what his best adventure had been, and he simply said, “flying the Oregon coast or the Arizona desert”. “If you go up there just after a dust storm the sky turns a fiery red, it’s simply amazing!”

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