• Quality Craftsmanship

    Distinguishable through its individuality

    Already from afar, the Volution 3 is distinguishable through its individuality. It’s aerodynamic form and powerful stance were designed using the latest computer technology, yet the V3 is realised by something that no machine can compete with: the eyes, hands and hearts of our fabrication engineers.

    The V3 is a precision-handcrafted machine expressively built to stimulate all the senses of your soul. This is not only visible but can also be clearly felt with every flight.

  • 4-part Aerofoil cage

    Great strength and rigidity

    The Volution 3’s unique 4-Part Aerofoil Cage has been optimised to be compact and transportable, without compromising its great strength and rigidity. The Parajet connection system clicks together quickly so that you spend more time in the air doing what you love.

    The larger cage diameter allows pilots a great choice of propeller size for improved fuel efficiency, while the increased cage depth positions the engine to offer improved protection from the spinning prop. The smooth aerodynamic aerofoil design helps to reduce drag and makes the Volution 3 look as good as it flies.


  • Durable Aluminium Chassis

    Unmatched rigidity and strength

    The Volution 3’s chassis incorporates some enhanced engineering and design to improve its power-to-weight ratio and in-flight geometry allowing you to maximise performance without sacrificing efficiency. High-tension, wide-profile aircraft-grade alu-magnesium alloy uprights offer unmatched rigidity and strength to safeguard you through even the hardest of knocks. On the ground, the V3’s wider stance offers greater stability and control so you can completely focus on your flight preparation and ‘hub-to-harness’ checks.

  • Articulated Pivot Arms

    Comfort and safety built in

    The ‘swan-neck’ articulated pivot arm system uses a unique and distinct attachment system for unrivalled safety. The arm pins are secured into the chassis using a distinct interlock system that ensures all parts stay engaged and prevents the possibility of the arms ever becoming detached whilst in flight. The pivot arms themselves are designed to improve your comfort, manoeuvrability and precision allowing you to fly in unison with your Paramotor. This amalgamation of engineered features ensures you benefit from a safe and enjoyable flight with total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment.

  • Mid/Low Hangpoints


    The combination of the mid/low hangpoint attachment and articulated pivot arms culminates in the ability for you to control direction without the ongoing control input. Known as weight-shift, this dynamic feature works through your weight affecting the orientation of the pivot arms, which in turn provides input into the wing. Weight-shift enables you to emanate the agile characteristics of free-flight with manoeuvrability so precise, that the Paramotor feels like an extension of your body

  • Aero fuel tank design

    Fly better for longer

    The Volution 3’s fuel tank isn’t just about its sleek, aerodynamic design. It’s 15 litre fuel capacity increases the V3’s range, redefining your possibilities for exploration and adventure, allowing you to fly more freely than ever. The tapered design helps lift the centre of mass closer to the thrust line improving overall weight distribution and handling. The repositioned filler cap moved away from any hotspots improves safety, while the easier access achieves greater practicality and faster refueling out on the field.

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Everest Anniversary V3



With a nod to the past, each Everest Anniversary V3 is finished in Night Blue and Parajet Silver and features beautiful graphics individually numbered and signed by Bear Grylls and Gilo Cardozo.


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From £176 per month!

Finance Options – UK Only. Call today on 01747 830 575 or learn more.

Everest Anniversary V3 Downloads

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A decade of dreams


Ten years ago Parajet founder Gilo Cardozo, Bear Grylls and team made the impossible a reality by flying a paramotor over Everest. Mission Everest set a new world record and pushed engineering innovation to new heights with the prototype Parajet 294 Rotary Supercharged engine.

To commemorate this seminal moment in history we are proud to release the Everest Anniversary V3. Reviving original design cues alongside today’s technology in the V3 platform has culminated in what we feel is a fitting and exciting anniversary celebration.

We’re releasing the Everest Anniversary V3 in a limited production run of 30 units, and offering you the chance to own a part of history whilst creating your own inspiring future.

Unique heritage style

One of only thirty produced

Owners anniversary T-shirt

Easy tool-free build

Simple four part Airframe

Signed by Gilo Cardozo

Parajet engineering for peace of mind security

14 litre performance fuel tank

360° master fillet welding

Aero beauty and benefits

Optional bespoke cage bag

Signed by Bear Grylls

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