Atom 80 MY20 Handy Box

£138.00 ex VAT

This is the Official Vittorazi Atom 80 MY20 Handy-box. For the MY19 engine, please check out our other Atom 80 Handy box, here.

The box ensures you have all the common spares in the field, just in case you need them and can be used for routine maintenance, up to and including your scheduled 100 hour service.

As well as being cheaper than purchasing parts separately, the Official Atom 80 MY20 Handy-box comes in its own smart carry case. Perfect for your next adventure!

Click here for a video tour of a Handy Box.

The Atom 80 MY20 Handy-box contains:


2 x M151c – Antivibration Mounts (30 x 20 mm hard (right) 14 x 14 mm)

2 x M139 – Exhaust Spring

2 x MP140 – Heat Shrinkable Tubing

2 x MP141 – Security Cable 26 cm (with Aluminium Clamps)


4 x M021 – Antivibration Mount (30 x 30 mm) – M8 x 20 mm


2 x MP055 – Plastic Hooks

1 x MP057 – Elastic Ring for Hooks

1 x M043 – Starter Rope (2.2 m)


1 x M020 Spark Plug NGK BR9ES

1 x M031a Spark-Plug Cap (Selettra)


1 x AT025 – Complete Series of Gaskets and O-ring

1 x AT097 – Series Membrane and Gaskets Walbro


1 x MP093b – Snaplock Male and Female

1 x ACC005 Porex Filter

1M x ACC011 Fuel Line Pipe (Internal Diameter 4.8 mm, External Diameter 8 mm)


2 x M019 – High Temperature Copper Locking Nuts (8 x 1.25 mm )

4 x AT018 – Washer Ø (6 x 12 mm, DIN 125)

4 x AT019 – High Temperature Lock Nut (6 x 1 mm, DIN 6923)

2 x MP047a – Lock Nut (6MA, DIN 980)



Got a Moster 185 Plus, (MY20)? We have a handy box for you too. Click here to find out more.

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