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Paramotor Maldives Event 2019

The Maldives is a unique and thriving nation comprised of nearly 1,190 islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean. In ancient times, its shores welcomed lost travellers. Still welcoming, these shores remain, providing a tranquil haven for visitors and a place full of character, where it’s 385,000 people fish for livelihood and depend on the island’s beauty to sustain its tourism industry… But for how long?

Climate change and rising sea levels are of great concern to the Maldives, which is only 8 feet above sea level at its highest point. As global warming causes the polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise, the Maldives’ entire existence is in jeopardy.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

An island flight – a unique challenge

Maldives Parajet Maverick Paramotor
In March 2019, a team of 10 intrepid paramotor pilots will travel to one of the most idyllic locations on the planet in an audacious bid to raise awareness of the effects that pollution, climate change and rising sea levels are having on the Maldives and the imminent threat to the islands and their inhabitants.

This two week aerial challenge will start from the northernmost Thuraakunu island and traverse down to the southernmost Addu Gan. En route, the pilots will present a flying spectacle as they circumnavigate the inhabited islands and resorts of the Maldives. Special flying displays will take place in the population centres of Kulhudhuffushi, Male’, Fua Mulak and Addu. The team anticipate stopping in 24 Islands en-route. Pilots will fly at approximately 50 metres over inhabited islands and between inhabited islands approximately 150 metres.

The route

Maldives Paramotor Event - Expedition Route
The Route below is approximate and will be liable to change. Flying days will be determined by weather conditions. If flying conditions are unfavourable the team will continue the journey by sea transport.

Not all pilots will fly at one time. The team plan to fly 1-2 Hrs in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon with a 3 hr lunch stop in the islands.


The Paramotor Maldives Event has gathered a core team of ten intrepid pilots from around the world. Each pilot is no stranger to adventure and has many hundreds of flying hours between them. Pilots can choose to fly either the northern route (Thuraakunu to Male’) or the southern route (Male’ to Addu) or both. Pilots will also offer tandem flights as they travel down through the Maldives. The team consists of :

  • Dave Hardingham
  • Kester Haynes (Chief Pilot)
  • Zak al Shanfari
  • Daniel Rodrigues
  • Nadav Palmach
  • Seth Royce
  • James Borges
  • Gilo Cardozo
  • Damian Cardozo
  • Tom Prideaux-Brune

The pilots will be supported every inch of their incredible journey by an experienced team of overland adventurers who will carry supplies, fuel and spare parts.


We are pleased to be associated with the following Maldives organisations.

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