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Parajet MD Attends Bahrain International Air Show

Parajet MD Attends Bahrain International Air Show

Parajet Aerial Defence & Security Systems (PADSS), a newly formed division of Parajet International focused on supplying paramotors as an affordable and sustainable aerial recon platform, recently attended the Bahrain International Air Show to show off its capabilities. 

Parajet Managing Director, Tom Prideaux-Brune, took part in the three-day aerospace exhibition alongside Gilo Industries Group partners, Martin-Baker which hosts 20,000 trade visitors, from 35 countries, and 84 aircraft taking part in daily displays. It is known as one of the best organised events for any industry around the globe and has established itself as the most elite business-to-business on the global airshow calendar.

The Parajet Zenith paramotor stirred up quite a storm with Arabian Aerospace News who briefly interviewing Tom for an article published in their Show Business magazine highlights. Read on for the full story by Arabian Aerospace:

Arabian Aerospace, Show Business Magazine. Issue Two. Friday, January 17, 2014.


Parajet Aerial Defence and Security Systems (stand P6) is displaying the Parajet Zenith – a paramotor and wing that can be used for either leisure purposes or aerial support.

“While the paramotor is not a replacement for anything such as a helicopter, it is a clever response to the escalating costs of aerial reconnaissance that can be used for search and rescue, crime prevention, medical supply services, border patrol, pursuit observation and aerial scene assessment services, to name but a few,” said MD Tom Prideaux-Brune. “With low acquisition costs, it is among the most inexpensive manned aircraft available.”

Designed and built to be built to be lightweight, compact, and easily portable, the engine and fuel tank have been positioned to create superior airflow, reduced wind resistance and increased fuel efficiency while offering the best possible thrust line and in-flight manoeuvrability.

“The connection system enables the Zenith to be easily put together and launched from virtually anywhere within minutes. And it can be dismantled with just an allen key, and then fitted into a large suitcase, making it one of the most compact and transportable paramotor units available,” said Prideaux-Brune.

The MD, who flies one himself for fun, added that the Parajet Zenith can fly from 500 feet up to 12,000 feet and that the fuel can last up to three hours. He said it is also really easy to learn to fly.

“Learning is quick, easy and safe. Pilot training takes around a week for people using it for leisure activities and about a month for aerial support services. Training covers all aspects of equipment and safety.”