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Parajet Launch Official Bear Grylls Paramotor

Parajet Launch Official Bear Grylls Paramotor

Parajet International has teamed up with world-renowned adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls to create the brand new BG Paramotor for intrepid explorers looking to take on new ways of experiencing the world. 

The BG Paramotor specially configured by Bear Grylls, is the latest in ‘one man personal powered flight’. The BG Paramotor can offer aerial views like nothing you will have experienced before accessing remote backcountry, to trailing your feet through the clouds or skimming the tops of corn fields. Paramotoring is a sport where the sky really is no longer the limit.

With a flight time of up to 3 hours, and the ability to take off in just 20 metres, this is aviation at its most free. From flying long cross-country expeditions to just soaring above the local countryside enjoying the view, these are just the beginning of the adventures that open up before you when you take to the skies in this remarkable machine.

Simply strap on the backpack propeller and the powerful one man engine will give the paraglider ‘wing’ above you the thrust it needs to climb, swoop and soar like a bird. Take off is fast and easy. Flight is stable and dynamic, and landing is gentle.

Learning to fly the BG Paramotor is safe, easy and fun via one of the Bear Grylls Accredited Parajet Flight Academies, with the majority of students completing training within 10 days. As a foot-launched aircraft, there is no license requirement in the majority of countries and pilots do not need an airfield to operate from, with open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches becoming the runways of choice. The BG Paramotor is quickly and easily put together, and once dismantled can be placed in a large case or the boot of your car making it compact and easily transportable.

The BG Paramotor Adventurer Package includes: With these added extras the BG Paramotor is the ultimate adventure and exploration machine. Encompassing flying, adventure and survival, the BG Paramotor allows you to explore the world like Bear Grylls, from a different perspective. The BG Paramotor Adventurer Package costs £10,688 + VAT. This includes all training and equipment.

  • BG Paramotor including a bespoke harness, wing and helmet
  • Chassis Bag including first aid kit and water bottle pouch
  • BG Ultimate Survival Knife
  • Prop Covers
  • Travel Luggage System including Travel Bag
  • Spar case and Cage bag
  • 10 days training at BG Accredited Parajet Flight Academy

Bear has long been a keen paramotor pilot and supporter of Parajet, using the paramotors on numerous expeditions including flights over the remote jungle plateau of the Angel Falls in Venezuela as well as teaming up with Parajet founder Gilo Cardozo to fly over the summit of Everest in 2007, creating a world record and raising $1million for Global Angels projects.

Bear Grylls, said: “I’m so excited by the launch of the BG Paramotor – I’m a huge fan of the sport and take every opportunity to take to the skies and explore—for me it is my escape!”

Founder of Gilo Industries and Parajet, Gilo Cardozo MBE, said: “We have always loved working with Bear and we feel so proud of what we have created with the BG Paramotor, perfect for the adventurers out there looking to take to the sky for their next expedition.”