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Duke of York Visits Parajet at WIRED 2014

Duke of York Visits Parajet at WIRED 2014

Parajet were pleased to attend WIRED 2014, Wired Magazine’s fourth flagship event held at Tobacco Dock in the East End of London; the first two days were aimed at an adult audience and the final day was their “Next Generation” event for 12-18-year-olds.

The event revolved around some truly extraordinary guest speakers from diverse backgrounds such as design, advertising, digital media, life sciences, publishing, programming, humanitarianism and more. Some of the more notable speakers were Will I am, Mark Chapman (Bloodhound project), Sir John Hegarty (Bartle Bogle Hegerty), Zee Frank (viral videographer) and over 40 others. Between talks, delegates were free to wander through the Test Lab, four large areas showcasing innovation and technology with exhibits on 3-D printing, robotics, surround vision/sound systems, glasses that would data-stream to the wearer and much more. It was with a great sense of pride that we were invited to display both our Parajet paramotors and the SkyRunner flying car.

As exhibitors, the show fluctuated between extremely busy in the breaks followed by quiet periods during the conference talks. On Friday morning we were extremely privileged to be visited by the Duke of York who spent some considerable time talking with Parajet MD Tom Prideaux-Brune about the technology and engineering that has gone into the SkyRunner and its vast possibilities. The newly launched Bear Grylls Paramotor that was on display caught the eye of another notable visitor, international pop star and technology enthusiast who was very intrigued by the idea.

The show was a huge success, allowing a very diverse group of people who were leaders in their fields to meet and exchange ideas and the Parajet team are very much looking forward to exhibiting there again next year.