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Parajet’s New Green Credentials

Parajet’s New Green Credentials

Parajet is extremely excited to announce that Timothy and Anthony Green, otherwise known as the ‘Acro twins’ will be joining the team for 2014. Since launching Acrotwin Productions in 2007, Tim and Ant have passionately dedicated themselves to bringing the sports of Paragliding, and now Paramotoring, to a wider audience through synchronised displays and extreme filmmaking techniques. 

They now run a successful independent aerial filming company called Cloudbase Productions and use the versatile Parajet Zenith Moster 185cc along with full HD digital cameras and Keynon KS-6 gyroscopic camera stabilisers to capture the most beautiful images and film which will leave all pilots wanting to immediately don their equipment and take to the skies.

The guys also work closely with various wing manufacturers testing their new products to the extremes, and Anthony collaborates with industry publications Paramotor and Cross Country Magazine to provide them with comprehensive reviews of all new and emerging equipment.

Tim and Ant are true ambassadors for the Parajet brand and we’re very proud and excited to have them as part of our team. We’re really looking forward to working with them and doing some great things for Parajet this year.

For more information about Tim and Anthony, watch out for their upcoming Team Parajet blogs and also find them at