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Fly an Endless Summer with the New Parajet Flying Suit

Fly an Endless Summer with the New Parajet Flying Suit

The Summer is over and the Winter season is upon us, but don’t let that stop your enjoyment of flying. Parajet International, the UK-based paramotor manufacturer, have launched their new flying suit aimed at paramotor, paraglider and microlight pilots. Strategically designed by pilots for pilots, the result is a suit that works with the pilot to enhance comfort and flying experience. 

The Parajet Flying Suit offers a 3 layer barrier against the wind, rain and cold. Its insulation and water-repellency take warmth beyond anything pilots have felt before, keeping them in the air for longer in cold conditions. The premium low-profile and powerful insulation maximises core comfort with the breathability and mobility demanded by pilots. Engineered for maximum heating efficiency the Parajet Flying Suit serves as a low-bulk heater that feels like summer all year round.

Its performance oriented, articulated fit enhances the function-first design and style while delivering a higher degree of mobility and comfort both on the ground and in the air. From the integrated communications cable management to the multitude of pockets, every feature and element has been well-thought through, right down to the last detail. Other features of the suit include fleeced lined collar, lateral YKK leg zippers for easier suit access, elasticated & Velcro cuffs with extended Lycra gloves and reinforced instrument holding loops on chest and thigh. Thanks to the benefits of its high-quality design and manufacture combined with a fully integrated array of functional pilot aids, the Parajet Flying Suit delivers performance, refinement, comfort and practicality—a flying suit that is pure Parajet.

“Dread the winter no more. I’ve been wearing this suit for a while now,” explains Parajet Team pilot and 2012 British Paramotor Champion Dean Eldridge. “It’s the warmest, yet comfiest of flying suits, packed with a full list of great features as standard. Every part of the suit has been designed with the pilot in mind and it shows. This suit will enable me to comfortably continue my aerial exploits through the colder months ahead.”