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Explore your world from a unique 360 degree perspective when you fly a Parajet paramotor

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Backpack Aircraft

The Parajet paramotor, also known as a powered paraglider or PPG, is the latest development in ultra-light personal aviation, combining the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight.

Every new flight on a Parajet paramotor is an adventure waiting to be experienced – a dream of flight that is yours to realise. The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. For those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, Parajet is the perfect match.

Parajet Maverick Paramotor Range

The Most Immersive Way To

Experience The World

Imagine the feeling of the sun on your face and the wind whistling passed you as you soar over the rolling picturesque countryside below.

You’re climbing higher, exploring the multi-coloured tapestry of the world outstretched beneath your dangling feet. You feel the presence of the world below; a truly unique perspective that the majority never get to see… You turn your head, catching a glimpse of something over the next hill, and suddenly you’re following a meandering wild river leading you to your next adventure.

Prepare to be the pilot-in-command, to experience a new sense of freedom, to enjoying exhilarating views and thrills that are truly unique to flying.

Welcome to the sport of Paramotoring!

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Newbie or Pro?

Great Places To Start

Everything you need to know about paramotoring, training and getting started

Everything you need to keep you in the air for longer and having fun with Parajet

The Cool Stuff

You'll love!

For Everyone

Young or old you needn’t think it’s difficult; motor paragliding techniques are easy to pickup and you’ll quickly improve. Expect some physical activity but all levels of fitness should cope.

Minimal Training

Learning to fly a paramotor is safe, easy and lots of fun. With small class sizes and great student to instructor ratios, the majority of students complete training within a 10 day course.

No Licence

Classed as a foot-launched ultralight aircraft, in the majority of countries across the globe paramotoring is a self-regulated sport and has no formal pilot licensing or flight hours requirement.

It's Awesome

Let’s face it, becoming a paramotor pilot is downright awesome. Not only does it add an instant dose of ‘cool’ to your life, even when the initial rush wears off there’s always new skies to explore.

Paramotor Training

Learn to Fly

Become a fully competent paramotor pilot via one of our Parajet accredited flight schools. Paramotor training is progressive, fun and once you have mastered the basic skills of ‘handling’ the wing, the steps to getting into the air are straightforward.

There's A Parajet For Everyone

Meet The Lineup


Lightness strikes.
Everything you need in just 24 kilos

There's A Parajet For Everyone

Meet The Lineup

Introducing the new

Maverick 2

An exciting new step in paramotoring.
The best paramotor that exists…


Strength. Power.

Parajet Mav MAX Paramotor


The Electronic Fuel Injection
revolution is here

Parajet Maverick Paramotor Range


Ultralight | Pro | R

From £6,086.40

Parajet Mav MAX Paramotor Range


Pro | R | EFI

From £7,051.20

Parajet Zenith Paramotor Range


Ultralight | Pro | R

From £6,172.80

Flying Car

Where the road ends,
extreme fun begins!

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Fly your Parajet with confidence. From expert advice and fast delivery to replacement parts and servicing, we don’t stop caring about your paramotor once it’s left the factory. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure your paramotor works the way it should, for longer.

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Our priority is to serve our pilots with high quality paramotors and equipment, and to stand behind the products that we sell.

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A complete line of quality paramotor and engine parts for everything from repairs, to overhauls and component upgrades.

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ACC161 - Cooling Shroud Kit for Moster 185 Plus Vittorazi Engine

Fits onto the Moster 185 Plus and Moster 185 Plus DS engines to
allow extra cooling to your cylinder head. Strongly recommended
for sportive use, for tandem flights, or for use in locations with high
temperature environments. Ships with shroud fitted.